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Rex n Roll Cattery
Purebred Devon Rex

Studio Photography by Calli Bachman

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 I breed Devon Rex in Southern California. I fell in love with the breed 35 years ago when looking for a hypo-allergenic cat. The Devon Rex worked for my family - an end of allergies to cats and the beginning of a lifelong love. When I wanted to find another one after my first died, I could not find any breeders in my area with available kittens. I realized that if I wanted Devon Rex kittens, I might have to do it myself. I also wanted to share these amazing animals with others who must be having as hard a time finding one as I was, and thus began my journey to becoming a breeder of Devon Rex.

Most cats have two coats: a short inner coat and an outer layer of guard hair. Devon Rex have only the first, downy undercoat, which feels like warm velvet. The fur they do have curls in rippled waves across their bodies, and one big bonus is that there is almost no shedding!

Devons have personalities like dogs - loyal and devoted, friendly and energetic, curious and playful, they wag their tails when they are happy and bound to the door to greet their humans when they come home. Easy to train and eager to please, they will readily "play fetch," do tricks (dance, roll over, sit up and beg, etc.) and run on an exercise wheel. They love to snuggle and cuddle, preferably under a blanket or their human's shirt, to soak up the warmth.

All Rex N Roll cats are CFA and/or TICA registered.

All the kittens from the current litters will go to the long waitlist of potential adopters who have filled out the questionnaire on page two of this site. Watch my TikTok and Instagram for up to date announcements and photos of new litters. @rexnrolldevonrex

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"This unique breed possesses intensely loyal, human-loving, dog-like qualities. A person must be prepared to be owned by a Devon. A Devon will eat with you, sleep with you, and perch cozily on your shoulder while you are on the computer or reading. They will follow you around the house, sit at your feet, or jump on your lap the minute you sit down. A Devon will accompany you on your household chores, happily trilling, cooing, and chirping as they look for ways to help."

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Rex N Roll Devon Rex

Southern California

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Taking a break from breeding as of Fall 2023

I will post on Instagram and on this page if I start up the breeding program again. I suggest contacting my mentor, Devine Devons - Robin Robertson, in Phoenix AZ about possible kittens. Her email is

There are many reputable Devon breeders but also a LOT of scammers out there. I know some of the good ones, several in Canada, Arizona, Texas, California, Nevada, Florida. Contact me if you want names of breeders you can trust.

You can also find legitimate breeders on the Planet Devon website, she keeps records of breeders all over the world.

Please don't send money to anyone who says they have kittens right now for you and shows you photos, because photos are easily stolen from a legitimate site. A real breeder will want to know all about YOU and your situation before they will sell you a kitten, and usually they will have a waitlist they will add you to, not just sell you a cat today like an apple or a t-shirt.

Try to visit the breeder and meet the kittens in person if at all possible, to be sure they really actually HAVE kittens and that the kittens are healthy and strong. Ask for health guarantees. The kittens should at the very least have veterinary vaccination records and be neutered or spayed. Be very wary of anyone willing to sell you an intact animal, legitimate breeders do not do that!

Most breeders will have had their breeding cats tested for inheritable diseases and conditions like HCM. Ask if that has been done. I also always do DNA testing on my breeding animals to be sure they are clear of known genetic abnormalities. You don't want to spend thousands on a cat that you fall in love with only to watch it die months later of something incurable. That is a heartbreak no one needs.

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